Mordor & More

For our last creative assignment, I decided to tackle design because it’s something I’m interested in and haven’t really had many opportunities to work with. I was inspired by Boba’s invoice more than anything, and after some initial frustration with learning Corel Photo Paint, I had a lot of fun designing LOTR fan fiction postcards. I’ve added links to the postcards’ counterparts for comparison.

Gondor Postcard


Rivendell Reverse

Doom Postcard

Doom Reverse(Inspiration!)

I’d originally thought I could design some t-shirts, but it turns out making the design fit to the model’s shape is probably more complicated than I can handle right now, so I have to give Braden credit for photoshopping Gollum for me!


  1. […] Design the front and back of a postcard that might be sent from the location of a movie or a work of fiction. Both sides of the cards must be created as graphics. The front should use graphic design elements that provide a sense of place or use the classic motifs of old postcards (“Greetings from ______”)_, both pictures and text. The back of the post card should contain a stamp and postmark that fits with the theme of the movie, as well as an addressee and a message that fits the plot as well. The inspiration was a fanfiaction assignment created by a UMW student in Spring Semester 2011- see the excellent set of LOTR cards at […]

  2. This is so cool. I, like every intelligent reader of words, Am a huge lotr nerd. These are awesome, total props. I love the ps paws off ending of the message to Aragorn haha so awesome 🙂

  3. Whiny Frodo was one of my first *inspirational* ideas, but you’re right, the postcard pairs well with your t-shirt slogan!

  4. I find it hilarious that you still mentioned Frodo being winey. I don’t know if you thought of that before or after I sent you the e-mail, but I suppose before. I LOVE how the postcards are spin offs of cheesy American tourist postcards.

  5. Ha these are hilarious because LOTR is for the most part a dark movie and all of these postcards are happy, like the people there are having a great time.

  6. What can I say….this is ridiculously LEGIT!
    I’m jealous. TOO funny, I was laughing out LOUD! Thank you for bringing some real humor to the trilogy. Can’t say much else except that, I SOOO need to visit Middle Earth!!

  7. Ummm where can I pick up a postcard? Seriously these are great! And I agree with brian that you did a great job using recognizable images from lotr 😀

  8. I’m with Brian, I love what you have done with these postcards. And what i clear is that you don’t have to be a design expert—though your designs are excellent—but rather just the will, a good idea, and some creativity. In fact, that last part that seems the most crucial. Fine, fine work.

  9. You were effective in utilizing the main symbols and iconography of LOTR. The White Tree of Gondor is integral to the identity of the city and Mount Doom represents the beginning of Sauron’s evil dominion, so you selected some powerful images!