Louis & Marie Meet B.I.G.


  1. This is so clever! I would have never thought to pair the two together and I’m really impressed at how well they matched up. So cool!

  2. I am a B.I.G fan and am actually writing this while some biggie is playing. I like that you chose a hip-hop/rap legend to use in your mash-up. I think it works well with the video, and cant go wrong with Biggie.

  3. this is so cool! I heard a lot about this one and didn’t want to watch it till I was done with my mash up because I was afraid I would be intimidated. Well I was not disappointed! 😀

  4. This is EXCELLENT! First of all, I love how you selected the B.I.G. song and Marie Antoinette film for this assignment. These seem like complete opposites to me, but you blended them together brilliantly and make them connect well. The transitions in this flowed great with the images from the film and song audio/background music. From the beginning, with the two characters walking to B.I.G.’s narration, to the “conflict” scene (around 24 seconds in) and the dancing to that beat…love it! The necklaces being put on at the same beats…very effective details to make this engaging! Great work, Lindsay!!!

  5. wow, I love how you capture the excesses of the song and the 18th century French aristocracy. One of the best ways you represent this is through the champagne overflowing–very nice!

  6. HaHa, clever combination! I especially liked the audio pairing with the champagne flowing. Great job!