Week 8: Color

Last week I didn’t have time to take pictures and used the opportunity to explain my project for this week: using color in photography. (In that post I explain the very basics of color theory, so I won’t reiterate them here.) My plan was to test out what I’d learned about color over Thanksgiving break.  My camera is still in set in the strange 16:9 aspect ratio that appeared when I used it for the interviews I did with Brian and Gretchen, so I’ve had to work around this weird stretched out shape.  I wish I could change this setting back to normal!   If nothing else, the elongated frame has forced me to approach subjects knowing they’ll be placed in “skinny” frames before cropping.


I started out by mentioning the effects of different lighting on color.  Keeping light in mind when walking around town, the cloudy skies gave me a chance to compare the same subject under different light conditions.  I think the following images emphasize the difference between the muted colors under diffused light and the brighter colors created by direct light.  I didn’t use a software slider to adjust these colors, either–the differences are completely created by lighting!

Two views of the same street from different positions (in November & October, respectively):


Diagonal IIThen I mentioned color moods. Here’re “warm” (red) and “calm” (green) pictures, respectively.


Abstract/Harmonic III

I *think* the cabbage image also exemplifies both abstract and harmonic colors.

Before looking for complimentary colors, I didn’t realize how correctly pairing them can make different objects stand out.  This juxtaposition of orange and blue creates quite a sharp contrast between otherwise boring newspaper stands.


Of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without some primary colors!  Now that I know what complimentary colors are, however, I think I like them better…

Abstract/TriadicLike UMW, the campus near my house is fairly squirrel-infested.  But the upside to rogue rodents?  Easy monochromatic silhouettes!  FYI, the “help me” sign is one of many creepy doodles in our basement…

Monochrome I


So I’m disappointed that the osage oranges are a little out of focus, but I think they still do a good job showing how “a little bit goes a long way” when it comes to color.  The flower picture is actually by my sister, but I think it pairs well with the image above it.


Thanks for reading this giant post!  I decided to go “all out” this week because it’s going to be tough to get in much more photography before finals.

Irrelevant to color, but I like this concluding action shot!




  1. The “slime” is actually chipping road paint, but I guess when you haven’t seen it from a different perspective it would look like slime! Interesting perception of the image.

  2. Great pictures! I really like the complimentary shots of the newspaper stands and the blue/orange slime stuff, not sure what that was! I also really like your sister’s pic of the flower, so pretty.

  3. I like that you go through and point out what each photo represents! Nice photos, I really like both of the squirrels 🙂 And I like your sister’s photo too! 😀