Fan Fiction Brainstorming

I can definitely relate to Karen’s reaction to our latest assignment; I’m a non-obsessor when it comes to TV, movies, stories, etc.  There is, however, one example that comes to mind.  Yes, LORD OF THE RINGS.  I probably won’t be the only person to post about it, and there’s certainly a plethora of LOTR fan fiction out there (e.g. DS106’s own LOTB).  The trilogy has been one of my faves since I first saw The Fellowship of the Ring back in the day (7th grade, actually) with my “bffs”–my sister and two neighbors. We’re still kind of addicted to this day, and have been known to consecutively watch all three movies when visiting each other. It’s a tradition that’ll probably never die for us.   Of the three movies, I’d have to say The Two Towers is the best. When the movie starts, the plot’s already been established and ready to go,  and the epicness isn’t over by the end of the movie–plus there’s always the Battle of Helm’s Deep.  I don’t even like violent movies, but the action in this scene is just too good to pass up.  I can’t count how many times I’ve seen these movies, although I confess that I’ve yet to read the books.  I’ll get to them someday…

Admittedly, the one thing The Two Towers doesn’t have on The Return of the King is the March of the Ents. Treebeard is the best:


  1. I can understand first-hand why the movies are so dear to you. A few years ago, my dad literally watched one of the LOTR dvds every single night for about six months straight. Thanks to his obsession, I can now give the lines for just about any scene in the three movies.

  2. Lord of the Rings is so good! It’s weird I don’t like violent movies or fantasy based movies usually either, but there is something about these movies that is just addicting!

  3. I think my generation’s HP obsession is largely due to the fact that Harry essentially grew up “with” us. Every time a book was published, I was about the same age as Harry; because we were getting older at constant rates, it was easy for readers near my age to relate to his non-wizard dilemmas (growing pains, relationships, school, etc.)

  4. Even a theoretically non-obsessor can obsess. And what’s wild is that I was sure LOTR was going to be the major influence on your generation, but I really had no idea how deeply the Harry potter thing goes for your generation. It is almost scary.

  5. I so agree that LOTR: The Two Towers is the best. I saw in in Radio City Hall with the score played by a live orchestra and that just increased the already epicness by a zillion percent. 😀