Calling all "localvores!"

My friend, Michelle Fame, is researching the advantages of local food shopping for Argumentation (COMM205).  The project required her to start a website advocating her topic, so I thought I should send the word out my fellow Internauts (after all, the UMW homepage reflects our weighty online presence!)  Anyway, if local foods interest you, please consider checking out her site!  Also, you can join using your Facebook account, or simply sign the guest book if you’d rather not create a username.

Photo by Michelle Fame


  1. ha ha, Sadie. Good one…
    I really like the idea of eating local products. Of course I’m saying this as I’m eating a tangerine imported from Florida. Nevertheless, Michelle’s idea is a really cool concept and I wish her luck!

  2. dude, check us out on the front page!! excellent! very nice of you to use the class platform to advocate for your friend– on my way to check it out now! is SO last month (I just had the intense desire to sound like a snob AND a computer nerd, though I’d like to think that in real life I am not a terrible amount of either) 😉

  3. I suggested that she use WordPress, but it was only after she went through the work to set up her site. I think the project has much WP potential, especially if she used a theme similar to Morgan’s Recipes Redone for local recipes. Either way, she’ll be very happy to know you’re interested in her project!

  4. Man, I don’t know why, but the advertisement in the header drives me crazy. My wife and I are localvores and will fill out the site, but in quiet protest for not using a better free website service 🙂 You know to show her the light Lindsay.