The Witching Hour

Disclaimer: Consider this a “mockumentary” only and not something to be taken too seriously!  Thank you to all testimonial volunteers! 🙂  Story by Gretchen Houser, Brian Berglund, and Lindsay Walker.

Photo credits to UMW Centennial and credits to:

Argitoth: archi_soundscape_space3.wav

Fishdog: metasynth_bugnite.aif

geoffbarkman: door_knock.wav

NoiseCollector: squakechairship.wav

sagetyrtle: rattledoor.wav

The_Baron: 17_Evil_laugh.wav


  1. I lived in Virginia my Freshman year, on the second floor, however I did hear stories about the third floor “ghost.” I think the story was that a girl committed suicide in the basement and her room was on the 3rd floor. I don’t know much. But a really cute movie!

  2. so I really like this video because I lived in Virginia last year and there is definitely a ghost on the 3rd floor! Everyones door handles would shake like someone was trying to come in and doors would slam and stuff like that. CREEPY!

  3. I liked this a lot, funny stuff. Good idea to take places on campus and make them out to be haunted. The ending was good too, with the evil laugh, really topped off the story.