Summer Stitches

Summer StitchesDS339: Double your art today. Make a photo of something you’ve created or crafted.

So I haven’t been so good about keeping up with Daily Shoot, but I think my Digital Story takes precedent for now.  Maybe I’ll be able to keep it up after my I’ve finished learning more about photography for my project.


  1. this is really pretty– I never stop long enough to try and create these sorts of things myself, but I am so struck by the beauty of handcrafted things every time. I love this shot for the assignment itself, but personal curiosity makes me want to see the whole thing!

  2. I think the daily shoot and the project can go hand and hand. And there is no question your images for the daily shoot are sharp and inspired as ever.

  3. I love cross stitching. It always takes so long, but I really like to do it and yours is really pretty.

  4. The folds of the fabric surrounding the flower serve to greatly enhance the image because they give the illusion of light emanating from the center of the flower.