The Lid and some uninteresting stories…

I ended up with five “uninteresting” stories after talking to my parents over break.  Dad’s favourite topics–canoeing and problem solving (math would be a close third)–were both covered, and mom revealed “top secret” plans for a birthday rendezvous next month (but since none of you are related to me, as far as I know, I think it’s safe to release her story to the Internet!)  Anyway, I ended up narrating an anecdote about my father’s adventures on the Nepisiguit River back in 1977.  I’ve added a second canoe story, “Devils Brook,” because I feel its narrative reiterates some points from my reflections in “Nepisiguit Narrative.”

Nepisiguit Narrative

Devils Brook 1973

Here’re some pictures from the actual “Lid” adventure. (You might recognize one of my Flickr images from the Nepisiguit reference page–it turns out my Uncle Ian’s been doing some Wikipedia editing!)  Also, I incorrectly referred to my dad as a high school student in my narrative.  I later realized he was a college freshman in 1977 (hence my mom’s role), but Vernon was actually one of his old high school teachers.  Also, I forgot to include John in the crew; there were four boys and a teacher.

Here’s an archived copy of mom’s story (no narration by me):

The Weakest Link

The remaining stories kind of fall into Ira’s category where “it’s not even clear whether it’s humanly possible to make them into listenable stories on the radio.”  I mean, I think they have potential in terms of reflection (i.e. why I should hone my problem solving skills in college), but, really, if you’re reading this post and are extremely busy, I’d suggest simply sticking with “Nepisiguit Narrative” for now.

Vent Problem & Pressure Problem

1977SpringCanoe - 26

Lid crew from left: Mom (Ann), Gail, Dad (Lyle), Vernon, and Ian.

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  1. You sounded really composed in your voiceovers, haha. But I like how you have connected pictures with his story and your reflections on it – they all add dimensions to one another.

  2. It’s really fun to hear stories from your parents when they were younger. Unfortunately I don’t hear too many from mine, but I love the way this story is told and how you even add a picture which really helps to be able to imagine the story as it’s being told.

  3. I Loved your little interjections they were really funny. I especially loved the comment about “pre-me” times, which when I think about my parents “Pre-me” times is just weird!

  4. I really like the addition of the picture of your family within your post. I feel that it is always handy to have a visual with an audio narrative. You had really good sound effects as well to animate all of your stories. Nicely done!

  5. HaHa, this is so legit! Your interjections were hilarious! Nice sound effect with the water. Great reflections! Sounds like you’ve got some really great family history!
    P.S. I love that your blog’s address shows up with a squirrel!

  6. that’s an excellent picture of your parents!

    I also really like your disclaimer to us busy college kids to stay away if we don’t have the time! hahaha