After a three day hiatus, today I was finally able to try my hand at another Daily Shoot assignment.  Because I’m planning to learn about photography for my semester-long project, I’ll use this opportunity to start blogging about the process that brought me to my photo entry for the day.

I completely drew a blank after reading today’s prompt.  I wasn’t sure how to “remove” things from a photograph without simply photographing an isolated object against a plain background.  As I was thinking about it, I realized a photograph is (among other things) a combination of layers–foreground, background, colour, etc., and decided to take this approach when striving for “simplicity” in my photograph.  When I saw the black and white DI faucet in Jepson (Friday’s are “DIdays” because I work at a lab sink all afternoon), I decided to test out my idea to remove the colour “layer” from my picture.  Photographing an object with  a more nondescript background would’ve simplified the image even more (and probably fulfilled the assignment better), but I kind of like how the white DI label contrasts its black spigot background.

Also, my late (but not forgotten!) entry from Wednesday’s ouch! prompt:

Weapon of Choice, c. 2nd Grade

This image was inspired by many years of running around and stepping on these miserable little things!


  1. Ha, I love the texture of this. Plus it’s clever of you, the way you’re holding it, to give it the look of a bouquet!

  2. I also struggled with the “simplify” assignment. Eventually, I decided that my own interpretation was more important than anything I could accomplish with Photoshop (which I don’t have). Therefore, water is simple with a small leaf floating around…anyways, I really like how you removed the “color layer.” I think that’s a really interesting take on the assignment. Your ouch photo is pretty sweet too. I’m getting “ouch” from how tightly you’re grasping those little suckers. 🙂

  3. I really like how the focus of your DI photo is the faucet, everything else just kinda blurs into the background. It really “simplifies” the picture. 🙂