Project Ideas

For anyone who reads this post and uses Cast Iron Coding, I just noticed that I have to renew the service by the end of the week!  Just a reminder because I completely forgot until I saw it written down.

But, onto the topic at hand:  Yesterday I spend a substantial amount of time researching ideas for my blogging project.  I’ve been thinking about what I want to do since the first week of school, but only a few promising ideas have come to mind.

My first idea was inspired by the fact that I’m a miserable cook (and it doesn’t help that I’m not a fussy eater), so I haven’t had much motivation to conquer the culinary arts.  My roommate, however, is an excellent cook, so I feel I could learn a lot from her.  Last week she hosted a vegan dinner party at our apartment and the food was amazing!  (I’d never before had an entire meal made from vegan-friendly dishes, so I had no idea what to expect.)  These chocolate chip cookies are definitely worth learning how to make.  Anyway, for this project, I would make something new every week (or however many times a week we’re supposed to blog) and talk about the process, what I learned, how successful I was, and what other people think of my attempted recipes, etc.

But then our Daily Shoot week happened, and I am suddenly inclined to learn something about photography.

Before I get into anything else, I should mention the last time I took a creativity-driven class was in high school (AutoCAD classes were the best!) and I took my last “official” art class in the eighth grade—yes, back in 2002, i.e. nine years ago.  The slew of science classes I’ve taken in college hasn’t helped the situation, either.  Needless to say, the right side of my brain needs a little exercise.

Hence, my second idea:

What I learned from our Daily Shoot assignments is that photography isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible, either, if you put some thought into it.  Granted, I really know nothing about it, so my idea is to learn something about photographic technique—i.e. framing, composition, lines, shapes, subject placement, light, etc. through my DS106 project.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a fancy SLR camera, but I realized I could use this project to potentially justify an upgrade come the end of the semester.  (I’ve wanted a new camera for awhile, but I wouldn’t want to buy a nice one if I don’t know anything about taking pictures!)  So, for now, I’ll stick to the basics of image construction and organization and see how much I can learn before the semester’s through.  For anyone else considering a photography-based project, I highly recommend going to the library and scanning the photography section.  I found some interesting and helpful resources there!  (There’re also some books on the NetLibrary, too.)

Tom Ang–Digital Photographer’s Handbook

George Schaub–Using Your Digital Camera

Harald Mante–The Photograph: Composition and Color Design

Paul Comon–Digital Photo Design: How to Compose Winning Pictures


  1. Thanks so much for the reminder about the CIC invoice (turns out, I hadn’t paid for any of my invoices yet)…
    On to your ideas, I really like both of them but I’m going to have to agree with JimGroom that the photography blog would be super cool considering what photos you’ve already produced. I can’t wait to learn about photography through your blog. Maybe you can give me advice about my own photos?

    Also, “Julie and Julia” made famous the cooking blog and in my opinion, that was a plotless, uninspiring movie–not that your blog on cooking would be the same at all…

  2. Lindsay,

    I love both ideas, and learning cooking via blogging is an extremely popular use of the medium. Search for cooing blogs and you’ll fins literally thousands. There is the now Hollywood famous Julie Powell’s 2002 blog in which she made every recipe in one of Julia Child’s cookbook over the course of the year.

    Julie and Julia is the 2009 film, and while it makes bloggers look like morons, the project itself is fascinating.

    Now, for the photography assignment, I have to say I am a bit partial to this one because I have seen your photography this last week or so, and I have been really im pressed. You do a wonderful job framing the subject or each assignment, and your photos are so rich and interesting to look at. So if you were to use this next ten weeks to learn more about digital photography, share what you’ve learned as well as your photos, I think we;d all be richer as a class. All that said, that may very well be the case with a cooking project, but I have yet to taste your recipes, whereas I have seen your photos 🙂

    Both work perfectly, and I imagine you’ll let me know which when you start.