Top 8 Daily Shoots

Here’s my synopsis of Assignment 6:

DS306:  Every time I see Brian’s hat picture with the little leaf poking out of it, I chuckle to myself and wonder what inspired this photograph.  Aside from the amusing caption, (“Do I look like a fairy?”), the combination of true foliage and camouflage is a neat visual contrast between real trees and RealTree.

DS307: The “mini-me” shots, as I like to think of them, were definitely my favourites for the second prompt.  The use of adults and children as complimentary objects struck me as something I never would’ve thought of for this assignment.  I particularly liked the Ash and Ichabod image for its soft lighting on the doll’s hair and expressive eyes.  The (very) close runners-up were When I Get Bigger by Prof. Groom and the newborn picture by Sadie for their more human takes on the same theme.

DS308: I love colour, so Ashley’s Lucky Ladybug definitely caught my eye last Sunday.  The story behind the ladybug’s luckiness makes it that much more special.  The significance behind Stephanie’s rings made her photo a close second.

DS309: I thought Sadie’s melting ice cream photo was an abstract take on “soft” because I was definitely thinking of fluffy things when looking for inspiration on Monday.  The white vanilla ice cream against the little girl’s dress gives the image a soft frame, too.

Because I’m kind of a cat person, I thought the photos of Twelve–who must be fairly easy-going, judging by the photographer’s perspective–offered an amusing take on Monday’s prompt.

DS310:  Megan’s oval mirror was my favourite response to mirror prompt.  The greens and pinks reflected by the mirror nicely juxtapose the warmer reds and oranges in the background.  The picture’s rectangular edges also nicely frame the mirror’s oval shape.

I have to say Brian’s blue streak is worth mentioning, too, because I have no idea how one would create an effect like that–and I like it!

DS311:  The first time I saw Jenn’s ramen noodle chaos, I was fighting afternoon snack urges and was drawn to the fact that the picture featured delicious food!  But, even after seeing the picture on a full stomach, I still think it’s a great interpretation of “chaos, disorganization, or messiness” because of how well the magnified noodley knot fills its frame.

DS312: I thought the scale of Gretchen’s library photograph made it a particularly notable entry for Thursday.  Seeing symmetry in something as towering as three-story room makes me think the photographer put a lot of thought into finding this unique example of symmetry.

DS313: Learning by Osmosis was a thought-provoking finish to our daily shoot assignments.  The model’s facial expression, the hazy vignette framing, and balanced books really make Kevin’s picture stand out.  And, maybe it’s a bit of a stretch, but I think the photo’s title speaks to the type of learning DS106 Internauts practiced this week.  While our prompts were specific, we were forced to “learn by osmosis” to create art from our surroundings.  For example, symmetry and chaos are seemingly simple concepts, but knowing how to see and capture them during daily life is something that takes a lot practice.  It turns out there’s more beauty to my everyday routine that I’d ever thought possible!


  1. I like that you included the photos that weren’t quite your top picks, I know I struggled with choices. And I agree that Jim Groom’s and Sadie’s photos were really great interpretations of the Complementary theme…

  2. Just for clarification, the person in the foliage picture is my brother, who happens to look a great deal like me. As for the blue streak, two ribbons were dangling in front of the mirror and it ended up producing a cool effect in the shot.