Pretzel Perfect

I’ve decided to try and follow Daily Shoot whenever possible because taking pictures is so much fun!  My only issue is that I’m using up my Flickr space relatively quickly, so I might have to find an alternative place to store my pictures. Hmm….

Pretzel Perfect



  1. when I saw this on the ds website, I was convinced that person was Canadian because of the Tom Horton’s mug. I guess it’s just a Northerner thing, then?

  2. Not a bad idea! I made my les.epinards account like three years ago, so I didn’t even use my school email to sign up for the service and could easily make another account.

  3. Ah. Maybe Flickr is the way to go. It would be pretty annoying to have all of the URLs change. The Myssoula blog does have a nice theme, though. I’ll have to think about this dilemma.

  4. Lindsay,
    Well, if flickr is limiting you, you could upload the images directly to a WP blog, and create your own image gallery. Here is an example of a blog that is designed for photos:

    The theme is autofocus. And you’ll have all your photos locally. The only thing to consider is that when you cancel your webhosting, you will have to find a new home for these images, and probably change all the link URLs. That for me is the main advantage of Flickr. Endless archive space, and persistent URLs for 25 bucks a year. It is the only web service I pay for.

  5. NUTELLA!!!!
    There’s no way to make Nutella look bad, but if it’s possible, you’ve made it look even MORE delicious than normal!!

  6. I’m so glad you’re going to try and keep following the daily shoot prompts! I’ve enjoyed viewing your photos; you’re very talented. I love the colors and all the elements in this photo-the cup, plate of pretzels and topping-so much to look at in an interesting frame. Is it possible to set up a new, second username on Flickr so you can continue using the site under a different pseudonym? Just a thought.

  7. This looks so delicious, this is definitely the essence of indulgence!!! I have been having pretzels and Nutella ever since my mom sent me some in the mail! Great choice!! Plus I like the look of the knife smeared in the Nutella it just makes it all the more yummy looking!