Symmetry through the Ages

Old School

I ended up with three photos for today’s Daily Shoot assignment.  Although I ultimately chose the image above, I realized there was an image story connected to the pictures I’d taken: symmetry through time! More specifically, I ended up with a Ginkgo leaf, a weathered column, and a key pad, and, to me, these images narrate the endurance of symmetry from the Permian to the present!


  1. what a classic image! If I didn’t know there *are* people out there who don’t have technology enough for telephones, I would say “who doesn’t know what to do with those keys?!” It’s so transcendent.

  2. Thanks! Actually, after three years of taking classes about rocks, my professors would never let me live down not knowing the geologic time scale… so it’s lucky for me that I have a pocket-sized one because I am an ubernerd 😀

    To I didn’t do much to this picture, but I had to fade the colours a little bit to make the numbers on the keys stand out (they were originally very light).

  3. wow, you sound like a professional throwing out terms like “permian”, etc 😉
    Anyways, I really want to compliment you on this shot. I love how the keys stand out against a dark background. Im curious, how exactly did you accomplish this effect?