Image Stories

Because I don’t do too much Web surfing, coming up with an Internet image story relevant to my life was a challenging assignment.  The example that finally came to mind was from the Vancouver Olympic games.  Last year, my family followed the Olympic torch relay across Canada through an interactive map of the torch’s journey across the country.  (It even made it to the North Pole!)  Unfortunately, when I went to the site today, it seems as though all photos were removed from the map, but are apparently archived here (although I couldn’t get them to display.  Maybe it’s my browser? This glitch is really annoying!)  At least there’s a (functioning) video gallery of the 106-day relay, which probably does the event more justice then pictures alone anyway.  This story has particular significance to my life because a family friend was a torch bearer in Plaster Rock, NB!

The lack of pictures on the Olympic site inspired me to look elsewhere for image stories.  Eventually, I came across the work of the photographer Duane Michals, who composed photographic narratives during the latter half of the 20th century.  Many examples of Michals’ work are available online, and I really enjoyed, “I Build A Pyramid,” which is animated below (if the image is still, try viewing this version.)

Another amusing narrative (created from self-portraits!):