Treasures Here & There

Treasure Chest

Someday I’ll organize my jewelry box!

One of my favourite examples of beauty in chaos occurs at the beach my family visits every summer. Because the beach (“Carron Point”) is in the north, glacial retreat scattered rocks of many shapes, sizes, and colours all over the shore.  As a budding geologist, I’m always mesmerized by the mystery of from where they all came!


  1. Wow I love the colors in the shot and how the different materials and elements of the different items really bring life to this shot. Nicely done!

  2. I think the thing that really makes this stand out so much, and of course EVERYONE has already said this (but I guess it’s really true then), is the COLOR! Definitely eye-catching, this image almost has an antiqued look to it, like you were snooping around someone’s house after a crime scene and were picking up evidence, ha! Anyway, I’m glad you got right up and personal for us and the jewelry. Instead of showing us the box or whatever that these were sitting in, you showed us something uncontained, untame, and of course, beautiful!

  3. Again, I could agree with your previous commentators more, this is an amazing shot. In fact, your shots have consistently been excellent all week. Your eye doesn’t lie.

  4. I love this shot! I think it embodies today’s assignment really well 🙂 I was just looking for inspiration on the daily shoot website and saw this and thought it was amazing, and lo and behold it was a ds106 internaut! 😀

  5. Wow. This shot is awesome! I thought this when I saw it on the ds website and went to where it was on Flickr and said something to that effect. I love all the colors and shapes that you capture here. Woot!

  6. The colors in this shot are gorgeous! On another note, I like how you linked to another example of a photo you took earlier in time that applies to the same daily shoot theme.