Cup of chai–or pot of pekoe?

Cup of Pekoe

I also attempted photographing myself from a skeleton key mirror above my window.  These pictures (take I & take II) didn’t turn out so well because, as it turns out, I’m too short to get close enough to the mirror for the camera to focus :/  So, Pot of Pekoe it will be for today’s assignment.


  1. Honestly, this just makes me want to get up and make myself a pot of tea. I think that the teapot is creative, and I have had to take pictures over again to because of blurriness… sigh

  2. I honestly liked all three of them, but youre right, the key mirror ones were a little blurry. But hey, who’s pictures arent every so often?? I know i definitely have had to go out and reshoot pictures because I couldn’t tell which ones were good or not! But all in all, this tea pot is adorable and I love the fisheye effect you get from it.