Visual Storytelling in Six Frames

Note:  These images are significantly smaller than the original screenshots, so I’ll point out that the boy is crying in the fifth image.

Although I tried to resist using Almost Famous in a second assignment, I clearly failed (other options, including The Darjeeling Limited and The Breakfast Club, just couldn’t cut it.)  The most challenging portion of this assignment was choosing six coherent images to narrate a story.  I captured many interesting screenshots, but many of them appeared irrelevant to the final narrative or transitioned poorly (e.g. I was tempted to use the following images, but decided they didn’t work for these reasons.)  I’ve included extra images for comments and/or ideas.


  1. Awww, Almost Famous!! WAY under-rated movie with some great actors! And I actually think it works SURPRISINGLY well in your six frames. You also chose some really expressive moments, like #2 and #5. Well done!!

  2. Ah! So clicking on the pictures (x2) makes them bigger and easier to see. I guess the resizing doesn’t matter after all.