Exploring WordPress themes and plugins

Today I started trying out plugins for my blog, and the task wasn’t so daunting after I realized some plugins give installation directions in their descriptions.  I ended up choosing two widgets and added a new page for a third plugin.  The widgets were relatively easy to install, and I chose a weather widget (I’m obsessively checking it anyway, so why not add it to my blog) and a last.fm widget that tracks recently listened to songs from my last.fm account.  The new page I added was for a visitor tracker that identifies where your blog’s visitors are located and how many visitors your blog’s had in the last month.  I found these plugins simply by searching for “weather,” “last.fm,” and “most popular” in the WP plugin search.  The weather widget required that I sign up for a weather.com account that gives you permission to access their XML feed with a partner ID and license key.

Unfortunately, when I started exploring new themes, the first theme I chose removed the links to my “About” and “Who’s online?” pages, so I switched to my current theme, Hanami.  Although I like the simplicity of Hanami, I wish I could figure out how to change the header image.  (I searched for “custom header” to find this theme because I’d like to personalize my blog with my own photos.)  I will probably try to figure this out later.

Update:  Yay!  I figured out how to change the header in cPanel!


  1. Wow, i love your theme, and the header image is awesome. But let’s get some terminology straight. The CPanel is where you manage your server. The dashboard is where you manage your blog.